Wakugumi – Monochrome Puzzle (Europe, Australia)

Name: Wakugumi – Monochrome Puzzle (Europe, Australia)
Developer(s): Mitchell
Platform(s): DSiWare
Release date(s): 16th Oct 2009
The creators of brain-teasing classics like Actionloop and Polarium have created a new challenge that will test not only your mental capacity but also your ability to use the stylus effectively.

The objective of the puzzle game Wakugumi: Monochrome Puzzle is straightforward: remove the black and white blocks from the playing area by ‘capturing’ blocks of the same colour by surrounding them with blocks of the opposite colour. Your stylus acts as a controller, allowing you to manipulate the action by moving blocks back and forth and achieving the desired captures.

Training Mode is where you will learn the fundamentals of the game, and Score Attack is where you will put those skills to the test as you attempt to clear as many blocks as possible within a set amount of time, chaining captures together to earn score bonuses. You could also give the Time Attack mode a shot; if you’re up to the challenge, see if you can clear the course as quickly as possible by removing the various obstacles.

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